Top Rated Copiers for Business

Top Rated Copiers for Business

The 5 Top Rated Copiers for Business

Here are 2017's Top Rated Copiers for Business.

Top Rated Copiers for Business – When it comes to buying a business class copy machine, there is a lot to consider, image quality, production capacity, and a complete range of finishing features (e.g. the ability to create brochures and booklets). Based on these functions, here is our list of the top-rated copiers for business.

Xerox's Top Rated Copiers for Business

2017’s Top Rated Copiers for Business – #1

Xerox WorkCentre 7535

The Xerox WorkCentre 7535 tops our list for its high print and copy resolutions as well as its full suite of printing and formatting options. It comes with a 1200 x 2400 resolution (dpi) for both printing and copying and is capable of handling a monthly duty volume of 110,000. This multi-function copier boasts Xerox’s Hi-Q LED technology, which means each document comes out looking crisp and brilliant. Moreover, there are plenty of finishing features, such as the ability to create folded brochures and saddle-stitch booklets. Perhaps the only drawback is that the print and copy speeds (35 pages per minute) are not as fast as those of its rivals (which can sometimes crank all the way up to 50 pages per minute).

Sharp's Top Rated Copiers for Business

2017’s Top Rated Copiers for Business – #2

Sharp MX-4141N

The Sharp MX-4141N offers fast, high-resolution copying and printing which you manage from a color LCD touchscreen capable of delivering real-time image previews. The MX-414N is no slouch when it comes to production capacity either, with a monthly duty volume of 150,000. This Sharp copier comes with print speeds of 41 pages per minute and copy speeds of 51 pages per minute. High copy and print speeds make the Sharp MX-4141N an ultra-productive document hub. Just about the only drawback is that the print and copy resolutions (1200 x 1200 and 600 x 600, respectively) are not as high as you will find in the Xerox WorkCentre 7535.

Ricoh's Top Rated Copiers for Business

2017’s Top Rated Copiers for Business – #3

Ricoh MP C4503

The major defining feature of the Ricoh MP C4503 is its excellent print and scan speeds of 45 pages per minute. The Ricoh MP C4503 delivers a print resolution of 1200 x 1200 and copy resolution of 600 x 600, which is similar to the Sharp MX-4141N, but still less than the Xerox WorkCentre 7535. It also has a very quick warm-up time of just 20 seconds.

Canon's Top Rated Copiers for Business

2017’s Top Rated Copiers for Business – #4

Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5235

This multi-function copier from Canon offers print and copy resolutions of 1200 x 1200 and 600 x 600, respectively. Where it stands out over the other copiers in our “top rated copiers or businesses” list is in its well-designed networking features. It is very easy to create an integrated workflow process with the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C5235. One drawback, though, is the relatively slower print and copy speeds of 35 and 30 pages per minute.

HP's Top Rated Copiers for Business

2017’s Top Rated Copiers for Business – #5

HP Officejet Enterprise X585Z

In contrast to the other four copier models, which are all free-standing and can weigh over 300 pounds, the HP Officejet Enterprise X585Z copier weighs only 80 pounds and can sit on a countertop. While it boasts impressive print and copy speeds of 42 and 44 pages per minute, there are some trade-offs. For example, it lacks some key production features like hole punching and stapling. However, if you are looking for a very fast, very efficient machine for making copies, this is worth a look.

Which copier will you choose?

All five models offer a great mix of image quality and production capacity that will give you the potential to create great-looking, professional documents. The one copier that excels in every single category is the Xerox WorkCentre 7535.


Best Document Scanner for Business Use 2017

Best Document Scanner of 2017

Best Document Scanner 2017

Check out our picks for "Best Document Scanner 2017."

2017 is finally the year to get your business organized and embrace the paperless revolution. To do so, you will need a high-speed document scanner capable of handling all your important paperwork – the legal memos, tax documents, invoices, and other business documents – that used to pile up or get relegated to filing cabinets in previous years.

Below, we’ve compiled our picks for the best document scanner of 2017, based on three primary criteria – scanning speeds, image scan quality and ability to handle a wide variety of media and document types. What all of these scanners have in common is the capacity to handle significant daily volumes without any compromise in image quality, combined with a relatively compact desktop size.

Best Document Scanner 2017 - #1 HP

Best Document Scanner 2017 – #1

HP Scanjet Enterprise Flow N9120

This HP document scanner tops the list, thanks primarily to its ability to create custom workflow profiles as part of the HP Smart Document Scan Software. It also has a flatbed scanner that’s similar to what you might find in less powerful home versions of HP scanners. The HP Scanjet Enterprise Flow N9120 offers quick, precise scans at up to 50 pages per minute, and it is capable of handling a relatively intense 5000-page daily duty cycle. For big scan jobs, there’s a 200-page automatic document feeder (ADF), so you don’t have to worry about jams, even with large paper loads. Moreover, the HP Scanjet is capable of handling large-format documents and bulky items, so you have plenty of flexibility.

Best Document Scanner 2017 - #2

Best Document Scanner 2017 – #2

Canon imageFORMULA DR-6010C

With the Canon imageFORMULA, you get a mix of ultra high-speed page processing (up to 100 pages per minute), combined with great optical quality of the images. This Canon document scanner is geared to big scan jobs, as evidenced by the super-powerful 500-page automatic document feeder. You will also get incredible flexibility regarding what you can scan. The imageFORMULA can handle thin or thick paper jobs, and paper sizes ranging from 2.1 x 2.8 to a legal-size paper format of 8.6 x 14. As an added bonus, there’s a Long Document Mode, just in case you need to scan documents as large as 118 inches in length.

Best Document Scanner 2017 - #3 Fujitsu

#3 Pick for Best Document Scanner 2017: Fujitsu fi-7460

This Fujitsu document scanner has excellent optical quality (600 dpi), but not quite as many features as its Canon or HP rivals. It has a scanning speed of 50 pages per minute and can handle a maximum document size of 12 x 17. One added bonus is that it is Energy Star-certified, so you will be doing your part to save the environment, even as you feed in 100 sheets of paper at a time.

Best Document Scanner 2017 - #4 Kodak

Best Document Scanner 2017 – #4

Kodak i4200

This Kodak i4200 is capable of handling 100 pages per minute, with no compromise in optical quality (600 dpi). It also has a 500-page automatic document feeder, meaning it is capable of handling the biggest jobs you might have. Regarding flexibility, it can handle documents in size up to 12 x 160.

Which document scanner will you choose?

You will not go wrong with any of these high-end, high-volume document scanners. All of the document scanners reviewed offer striking image and scan quality, as well as the ability to scan documents at high speeds. The importance of these document scanners being able to handle a large number of different page size and media types ultimately depends on your personal use and the type of documents you are scanning. Just be forewarned – the cheapest high-speed document scanner on the list, the Fujitsu fi-7460, carries a price tag of nearly $3200, and the HP Scanjet has a price tag closer to $4000.